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YOYO-RFQ brought orders

YOYO on FRQ offer, customers find the story of her and brought her orders. The story recounts the FRQ members the benefits of foreign trade and YOYO personal experience.

Jason Liu-perception of reading

Destiny is fair to anyone: not your job, but you do, this is the chance.Do something, the more important your position.

Helen-Foreign trade is a magical industry

Foreign trade is really challenging and the miracle of the industry. Two years ago, folding ruler samples sent to South Africa to customers, guests now have a reply, and under the order, really unexpected, very surprised.

Carry-one short meet with customers

After about two weeks, The customer came to us again, we have made a special PPT for him, and prepared fruit, confirmed the details quickly.To my surprise,the customer transfer the money to our face. This is the only face-transfer guests. His name is Richard.

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